HistoryKey milestones in our company's history.


Although AVEFLOR was founded in 1995, its history begins much earlier. How is it possible? At the time of its creation, the company   bought the trademarks whose registration had historically preceded the establishment of the company. Namely they were AKUTOL, ARPALIT, KUBATOL KEROLAN and last but not least, also the AVEFLOR trademarks. According to the latter trademark, the company was also named as a whole.
The main historic landmarks connected with AVEFLOR are listed below.
  • 1924 — AKUTOL trademark
  • 1939 — registration of the ARPALIT trademark
  • 1967 — registration of the AVEFLOR trademark
  • 1995 — decision of DENTAL a.s. to discontinue production of aerosol products (sprays) in the production plant in Jičín. The impetus for establishing a new company. 
  • 7. 9. 1995 — the foundation of AVEFLOR, a.s., as a separate unit, which was formed to manufacture aerosol products for cosmetic and veterinary purposes. The company was founded by five shareholders. One of the shareholders was also DENTAL a.s.
  • 14. 9. 1995 —company registration in the commercial register. Since that date, the company has manufactured its products in leased premises.
  • 1997 — reconstruction of the former municipal school, later a bakery and a restaurant in the municipality of Budčeves
  • 1998 — starting of production and filling of cosmetic, medicinal products, veterinary products and pharmaceuticals in aerosol form. Production took place from the beginning in newly built cleanrooms.
  • 1999 —extension of the option of filling sprays with propellant gas propane-butane 2000 — the company has implemented a quality management system according to ISO 9002, EN 46002 and ISO 13 488 by SGS Yarsley International Certification Services.
  • 2001 — the company obtained the Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice from the State Institute for Drug Control in Prague.
  • 2003 — the company has developed an integrated quality management system according to ISO 9001:2000, into which, in addition to the rules on product and services quality, was also incorporated an environmental management system and a management system of occupational safety and health.
  • 2007 — AVEFLOR becomes a 100% family-owned company, when the last shares from the original owners were repurchased
  • 2007 —implementation of a new technology for the production of emulsions and  gels for cosmetics and  medical devices. Introduction of BoV technology (bag on valve) as one of the first  in the Czech Republic.
  • 2008 — commencement of storage in a newly  built modern warehouse. The warehouse is controlled by an information system using 2D (DataMatrix) codes.
  • 2014 — occupancy permit for an extension of the production hall, in which the administration newly resides. The production possibilities were also expanded by a filling machine for flammable liquids into various forms of primary packaging. The construction was supported  from EU funds under the programme: Innovation - Innovative Project - Challenge IV, under the project name: Product and process innovation in AVEFLOR, a.s.  
  • 2016–2017 — transition to a new information system K2 for production management and company processes. Production management and deprecation of material online in the production process.

The company's aim is to keep doing business in order to be successful in the long-term development and manufacturing of products required by customers, to promote  refinement of its surroundings and  create a pleasant environment for its employees, and so on a small scale, to write the history, both of the immediate and  wider surrounding area.

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