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Environmental protection and care are ideas that are fully in harmony with our philosophy. We realize that from a long-term perspective, for the preservation of people on our planet, it is necessary to measure all their activities by their impact on the environment. Therefore, already when selecting packaging material and when designing the formulation, this aspect enters into our decision-making process and we try to find such materials, raw materials, which are harmless or minimally hazardous for the environment. We have introduced the standard ISO 14 001 into the integrated quality management system (more in the section Certificates and permits), whose application helps employees to utilize an environmental approach in all business processes.

We provide:

  • monitoring and control of waste water,
  • recording and sorting waste,
  • hazardous waste disposal is provided only by a certified company
  • development and implementation of products with regard to the impact of the product on the environment
  • analysis of the impacts of the production/product on the environment
  • recording, storage and disposing of hazardous chemicals and surcharges according to applicable legislation
  • we launched a new 150 kWp photovoltaic power plant at the beginning of 2023, which should cover 30 % of our company's total electricity consumption
  • in 2024 we joined the Green Company project, you can learn more about this project here.

logo-zelena-firma-smalWe are a Green Company (Zelená firma®)

Our company has joined the Green Company project and allows its employees to hand in their end-of-life electrical equipment, batteries and accumulators free of charge. At the same time, we encourage them to behave in an environmentally friendly way without having to travel to a special collection point and to recycle the waste into reusable material.
Employees can simply deposit their end-of-life household electrical appliances and batteries in the collection box located in the company's main building. The project also allows our company to collect and subsequently recycle large electrical waste free of charge.
The aim of the Green Company project is to protect the environment by ensuring the take-back and efficient recycling of unwanted electrical equipment. These contain many hazardous substances such as mercury, lead, cadmium and brominated flame retardants, but also a large amount of recyclable and reusable materials.
The initiator of the project is REMA System, a company that organises the collection, sorting and recycling of end-of-life electrical equipment throughout the Czech Republic.

If you have a question about the environment and its protection in our company, please submit your question using the form below. We would be very happy to receive your questions and comments.
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