Why work for us?The mission of our company is not only to create profit, but also a pleasant environment in the workplace with respect to the needs of our employees.

Why work for us?

The endeavour of the company and its management  is to build a strong and  stable company based on the vision , the company has already adopted. To  achieve this, it is essential to have a team of committed associates. We therefore reflect the  assumption that each staff member should have the rights and duties in a balanced, harmonious relationship.

We offer:

  • a pleasant working environment. Applies to both blue-collar workers (work in  a clean environment), as well as  to administrative activities
  • effort to build mutually helpful, friendly negotiations
  • young team of associates
  • good salary, incentive components
  • 5 weeks of holiday
  • supplementary pension scheme
  • catering allowance

We require:

  • responsibility for their acts, regardless of the section or position, where they work
  • flexibility and  reliability, we do not like to determine for others what to do, when and   how, in return we expect reliable and  responsible behaviour
  • Conscientiousness, ability to work independently
  • basic honesty and  decency
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