Can we help you with the development of a new product?We offer our development laboratory for realising your visions and wishes.

Can we help you with the development of a new product?

Do you have a thought, an idea or a competitive product that  you would like to implement? We offer you the services of our development team, which will help you from idea to  implementation. Product development itself comprises  several phases.
  • Literature research and  analysis of competing products
  • preparatory phases and  design of composition (formulation)
  • verification of product formulation by preparation of laboratory samples
  • consultation and presentation of the samples to the customer
  • approval of samples by the customer or preparation of new samples based on customer comments
  • final pricing of products
  • transferring the laboratory preparation of samples to the production (preparation of the manufacturing process)
  • preparation of product specifications and a bulk product
  • preparation of documentation for product registration (this depends on the type of product - other demands for cosmetics, veterinary products and  medicinal products)
Consult with us  your ideas and we will gladly send you our idea of  the cooperation with  the price quote.
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