Exhibition CPhI in Franfurtu am Main, Germany

From 24. 10. to 26. 10. 2017 we took a part on the exhibition CPhI in Frankfurt am Main. Below you can find a few pictures from our booth. We would like to thank to all our costumers for their visit and we are looking forward for a next cooperation.

CPHI 2017

Foto CPHI 1Foto CPHI 2Foto CPHI 3Foto CPHI 4

Implementation of a new information system

Since January 1, 2017, our company has introduced a new K2 information system, which will handle all agendas of the company. The aim is to provide more comprehensive information to you, our customers, and to ensure capacity planning, which will shorten delivery times. Considering the  extensiveness of the project, it may happen that some agendas will not work from the beginning without any problem. If you come across any problems, please let us know and  we will try to redress it quickly. Thank you for your understanding.

New form and functionality of our webstore

No later than on March 1, 2017 we are going to launch the new form of our internet shop. We believe that it will be more user-friendly and  you will be satisfied  with it. We will be glad, if we receive feedback from you. Feel free to contact us. See, how it will look.
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