Membership in the Association of the AVDZP

On 17 April 2023 we became a new member of the Association of Medical Device Manufacturers and Suppliers. At its meeting on 19 April 2023, we presented our company, products and services we provide. We look forward to further cooperation within this association with companies in the medical device industry.
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Production of astaxanthin phytocomplex before trial run

In the coming weeks, our company will finalize the completion of the project for the production of high concentration (over 50%) astaxanthin phytocomplex, which is co-financed by the EU. In May, the trial production and pilot production of the first batches will start. The whole long-term project, which started in the research laboratories of Centa Algatech (www.alga.cz), will be completed in the coming weeks. We believe that it will bring many satisfied users worldwide, as it is a unique technology that has not been used in the world for the separation of astaxanthin of this purity.

New to the Arpalit® Care product range

April 2023: Our company launches new products in the Arpalit® Care range. These are products that care for your pet's teeth as well as their ears. We hope to expand the number of satisfied customers who have come to love our Arpalit® anti-parasitic products. The products can be found in any good pet shop.

Arpalit Care

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Start-up and approval of the new PV plant on the roof of the warehouse.

At the turn of January and February 2023, a new photovoltaic power plant (PV) was launched on the roof of our company's warehouse. This PV plant has a maximum capacity of 150kWp. We expect to reduce our consumption from the grid by about 25-30% by generating electricity from this PV plant. The PV plant construction project was co-financed by the European Union.

"Part of our company's philosophy is to care for and protect the environment, because all human activities must be measured in terms of their impact on the environment. Therefore, in our business we have long been looking for materials and raw materials that are harmless or minimally burden the environment. The next step on this journey is to reduce our carbon footprint completely. Generating and consuming our own electricity from solar energy combined with storage is the ideal solution for us. We will use the generated energy to partially cover our on-site consumption, thus avoiding more than 67 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually," says Jiří Zubatý, founder and owner of AVEFLOR, a.s.
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