Most frequently asked questionsPersonnel questions we frequently get from job-seekers.

Most frequently asked questions

Where can we find the current list of vacancies?

You can find all vacancies on our website in the section Vacancies . We place the vacancies that we plan to occupy, or that have become vacant here, and we are looking for suitable candidates and applicants.

Is it possible to enter your company for a   short-term job?

Yes, it is possible. It always depends on the production capacity. Therefore ask regularly and we will answer you individually. To ensure short-time jobs, you can use e the form below.
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How is the selection procedure performed?

Usually, after the announcement of new positions we collect CVs for 2-3 weeks, of which we select about 5 candidates to be invited for a personal interview. The interview takes about 30-60 minutes. And on the basis of the interview we select the most suitable candidate and offer him/her a position on our team.
Manufacturing workers mostly enter their position directly with a subsequent assessment, whether the worker fits for this position. 

I got no response after sending my CV. What is next?

Our endeavour is to respond to all submitted CVs. Unfortunately, it is not always possible. If you did not get an answer within 30 days, contact us using the form below and we will let you know whether you are invited for a personal interview.
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