Our philosophyThe philosophy of the family company AVEFLOR is founded on respect for the laws of nature.

Our philosophy

Philosophy of the AVEFLOR family company is founded on respect for natural laws that govern everything that happens around us. We consider the law of the balance between giving and taking as crucial . The adopted vision, which can be expressed by the motto "Satisfied customer - a prerequisite for prosperity", reflects this balance - providing quality products and services leads to a satisfied customer. If the customer is satisfied, he hands overan adequate consideration, which creates a prerequisite for the company prosperity.

Our mission

The mission of AVEFLOR (based on philosophy) can be summarized in the following principles for which we are heading:
  • customer satisfaction;
  • providing quality products and services;
  • generating sufficient profits for the company development;
  • the satisfaction of employees, their identification with the vision, mission and corporate strategy;
  • satisfaction of the owners of the company;
  • ensuring business compliant with current legislation and morality principles;
  • positive behaviour of the company towards the environment;
  • occupational health and safety;
  • to fulfil the idea of ??sustainable development as much as possible;
  • supporting activities leading to the strengthening of spiritual and moral awareness in the nation;
  • dissemination of the good name of the company in the region, throughout the CR and abroad.
Cleanrooms - entry into the production premises
To fulfill its mission, the company prepared in  2015 "Vision, Mission and  Strategy of the Company for the period 2015-2021".  
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