Who is in charge?Meet the executives who manage the individual divisions and are ready to help you.

Who is in charge?

AVEFLOR is a family company and is owned by two shareholders, natural persons. The shareholders are also represented on the Board of Directors and managed at this level. You can find current information on the members of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board justice.cz.

Ask the owner
Ing. Jiří Zubatý
Ing. Jiří Zubatý
+420 777 34 39 38 from 8,00 to 16,00
Chairman of the Board of Directors
A flat organizational structure is typical for AVEFLOR. The company is headed by the General Manager, who manages ten heads of the individual sections.

Meet the managers of the individual sections

Jiří Zubatý
Chief of the Board of Directors
Ing. Jiří Zubatý
Ing. Lucie Šotková 
Quality Section Manager
Ing. Lucie Šotková
Michaela Entová
Trade Manager
Michaela Entová
Ing. Lucie Marková
Ing. Lucie Marková
Jan Zubatý
General Manager, CEO
Ing. Jan Zubatý
Jana Urbanová
Manager of Registration, Approval and Notifications of Products
Ing. Jana Urbanová
Lenka Váchová
Purchase Section Manager
Ing. Lenka Váchová
Martin Jirsa
Production and Technical Section Manager
Mgr. Martin Jirsa
Mgr. Hana Kazihnitková 
Quality Control Section Manager
Mgr. Hana Kazihnitková
MVDr. Renáta Valášková 
New Products Development Manager
MVDr. Renáta Valášková
The goal of the company management is to lead it, so that it fulfils its mission and  manufactures products, offersservices, which will guarantee the long-term development of the company.
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