What products do we manufacture?Familiarize yourself with the different types of products that we can manufacture for you.

What products do we manufacture?

1. aerosol preparations (sprays):

    • with propellants
      • liquid sprays
      • emulsion sprays
      • powder sprays
      • foams in spray form
    • with mechanical sprayers
      • liquid mechanical sprayers
      • Emulsion mechanical sprayers
    • BoV aerosols
      • BoV gel sprays (the most common use: shaving gels, medical gels)
      • liquid BoV sprays

2. liquid products filled in::

    • plastic packaging for volumes from 5 ml to 1000 ml
    • glass containers for volume from 5 ml to 1000 ml

3. gels filled in:

    • plastic tubes
    • laminated tubes
    • aluminium tubes

4. other forms for application

    • medical pens (nail anti fungal treatment pens)
    • others according to customer specification

Example of production

PAMASOL aerosol filling machine in cleanroomsAVEFLOR - cleanrooms, filling tubesAVEFLOR - cleanrooms, filling tubes IIFilling liquids_IVFilling liquids_IIIFilling liquids_II
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Types of products according to their classification:

  • medical devices
  • human pharmaceuticals in nonsterile form
  • veterinary pharmaceuticals, veterinary preparations and  veterinary technical devices
  • cosmetics preparation
  • technical devices and biocides

Types of products according to their final use:

  • plastic bandage spray
  • medical adhesives remover
  • ear, nose, and throat sprays
  • bleeding stopper
  • anti fungal pens, solutions (nail application)
  • products against the child louse
  • cooling and warming sprays
  • cleansing foams for medical use
  • Panthenol spray
  • sun-tanning cosmetics
  • hair cosmetics
  • perfumes, deodorants and  antiperspirants
  • foams and shaving gels
  • insecticidal and repellent products
  • shampoos, conditioners and treatments for human and veterinary use

From idea to implementation

Our company offers complete services from a concept, an idea to its implementation. Do you have an idea and you are not sure whether it can be used in practice? Contact us and  we will suggest a suitable solution for your needs.

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