Cleanrooms and their useProduction in cleanrooms significantly reduces the risk of contamination of products from the environment.

Cleanrooms and their use

In clean manufacturing rooms works are carried out with  the open form of materials or products. The layout of rooms of the cleanroom allows separate flows of:
  • incoming materials
  • operating staff
  • output of final products
Entering and  exiting staff and  materials pass through sluices that separate the clean and conventional production facilities. In  the cleanroom, strict rules are defined for the sanitation and  hygiene of the operating staff.


Cleanrooms monitoringEntry to the cleanroomFilling liquids_IVMixing tanks, pharma production in cleanroomsPAMASOL aerosol filling machine in cleanroomsPamasol filling machine for BoV products

The qualification of cleanrooms in  operating rooms is D, it similarly applies to material and  personal passes.

Checking the cleanroom is secured by the daily recording of internal pressure on designated micromanometers. Then the monitoring   of particles number, air exchange, overpressures and the evaluation of microbiological purity performed  is performed there in regular intervals.

Arrangement of production premises, compliance with hygienic principles, and  sanitation and also  regular inspections enable us to produce according to the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Virtual tour of  cleanrooms

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